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Skunks are omnivorous; they nourish on grubs, insects, small rodents, carrion, fruits, and vegetables. Local skunks breed from February to March; growth is eight weeks…



Raccoons succeed in close involvement with man, and their numbers are growing in city areas. As raccoons become more abundant, issues of bird negative effects…



The two most commonly found rodents in the GTA, however, are the Norway Rat and the House Mouse. Both of these species are adept at squeezing into tiny places…



The American cockroach has light burgundy or tan wings while the colour of the German cockroach varies from brown to black. Cockroaches like dark, damp spaces…

Safeguard your Brampton Home with North Star Pest Control

Do you have a pest control or wildlife removal issue in your home? Our technicians at North Star Pest Control are now offering emergency services available 24 hours a day in direct response. Our experts will arrive at your property in a quick time frame to take care of the problem expertly and for the long-term.

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Don’t worry about lasting damage to your home. Call our experts at North Star Pest Control in the Brampton and surrounding areas for a swift response to pest control issues. We’re ready, qualified and committed to taking on the pest control and wildlife removal/management process.

North Star Pest Control has become Brampton’s number one company for a full range of pest control and wildlife management services. Our rise within the industry is partly due to our success in helping property owners remove pests from their property in the long-term, and partly down to our comprehensive commitment to client communication. We work with clients across the region to help them understand the pest control process and how to eliminate pests from their property.

When you call North Star Pest Control, you’ll be immediately placed into contact with our experienced techniques for further guidance on your home pest control challenges. This means you have fast, immediate access to the leading Brampton pest control and wildlife removal/management team.

Why Choose North Star Pest Control?

North Star Pest Control is now a well-recognized company throughout the industry in Brampton and within the GTA and our work with the leading authorities in the industry means we’re adept at the latest pest control techniques. We also partner with homeowners toronto directly to ensure that pests are safely removed from their home.

Here are several further reasons why so many homeowners trust North Star Pest Control Canada for their pest control and wildlife removal requirements.


Our team has decades of experience within the Brampton pest control and wildlife removal. This experience means there’s no pest control or wildlife removal challenge we haven’t faced and resolved. Our experience also means that we can answer any of our clients’ questions at a moment’s notice. Our clients can then call us when they discover a pest in their home, and can rely on North Star Pest Control for effective guidance based on the latest information within the industry.

Swift Responses

We offer one of the fastest response times in the local area for all Brampton pest control emergencies. Our response team is connected via an always-on communication system that keeps them informed on emerging client needs. We also operate a large fleet of response vehicles, each equipped with the latest wildlife removal and pest control equipment so our technicians can complete their work effectively. When you choose North Star Pest Control Canada, you’ll be given fast access to the most qualified control experts.

Range of Services

Our service team at North Star Pest Control has experience in managing the control requirements for a broad range of creatures in the home. Whether you have bed bug issues, racoons, or skunks in and around the home, we can provide a solution used the latest humane and environmentally-friendly removal strategies. Our expertise in this area is now unparalleled across the local industry standards.

Tips for Protecting Your home

If you’ve arrived at our website, you’re likely experiencing a pest or wildlife issue at this moment. This means you need quick guidance on how to protect your property and your family. Follow these tips to ensure that your family and pets are safe against the most common threats:

Close off the impacted area

If an animal has made it into your home, make sure you close off the area and remove yourself, children, and pets from the space. Oftentimes, pests simply look for somewhere warm and by separating yourself and loved ones from the pest, you can remove the danger.

Don’t act alone

Acting alone without professional help can be dangerous, even in dealing with smaller creatures. Squirrels, for example, can carry numerous disease and their bite can cause rabies in humans. If you have a pest issue in your home, it’s important to locate an experienced and local technician at the earliest possible opportunity.

Call us immediately

We’re available now to deal with the pest or wildlife removal issue. Our Pest eliminator team has decades of experience in responding to a broad range of control challenges and we can answer your questions and send experts to your property immediately.

Our respected team at North Star Pest Control toronto has helped thousands of homeowners safeguard their loved ones and their property with the latest pest control and wildlife removal techniques. We work around the clock to answer calls and can be reached immediately for a direct response. Contact us by phone 416-540-2694 or by filling out our online form below.

Don’t wait. Call now to protect your loved ones and your property from all local pests and wildlife.

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