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Ant Removal Service

At North Star Pest Control, we have many years’ experience in the Brampton and the surrounding areas pest control marketplace. We’re committed to helping local families achieve effective removal of all pests from their property for the long-term. Our ant control work highlights the quality of our overall services. Our team is available around the clock to respond to ant control issues and to help your family remove ants and ant colonies from your home space.

Here’s Why You Should Choose North Star Pest Control in Brampton and the Surrounding Areas:

Expertise on ant behavior

We have significant expertise on ant behavior within our team. We understand the actions that the insects take and what those actions can mean around your home. How does this understanding improve our service? Well, it means we can identify the species of ant within your home more effectively. It also means we can highlight the source of the ant intrusion in a more streamlined and effective way so that no more insects enter the home. Deploying our services ensures a faster resolution to your ant intrusion issue.

Emergency services 24 hours a day

We can offer immediate emergency services for homes that have been overrun by ants. We know that an ant intrusion can occur over a quick timeframe, and it’s imperative to contact professionals if you encounter an ant issue. It’s the reason we’re now presenting clients with direct access to emergency services that ensure a swift response to the intrusion. We operate a full fleet of vehicles in response to ant control problems.

Communication leaders

Each of our qualified and experienced technicians have experience communicating with homeowners on their unique pest control challenges. Our communication expertise means we can answer any questions you might have about the ants within your home and provide you with guidance on the next steps to take. We can explain the problem in concise, easy-to-understand, language so that you have a clear knowledge on the problem and the solution we will undertake in response.

Environmentally-friendly products

One of the reasons so many homeowners across Brampton and the surrounding areas now turn to us for our ant removal services is that we only utilize environmentally-friendly products in our removal work. We research each product we use carefully to ensure that it’s safe for families. And we’ve been commended for our environmentally-friendly work throughout the industry. Speak with a team member directly if you wish to learn more on the products we use in our ant removal work.

Quick Tips for Dealing with an Ant Removal Issue

One of the most common insects found in homes across the region, ants can have a significant impact on the family property. Their nests can disrupt the yard space and their colonies can damage food storage spaces and other areas around the home. The following are several tips from our pest control and wildlife removal experts in dealing with an ant problem:

Clean your kitchen

The moment you notice the initial scout ants around the home, this is a clear sign that a local colony has discovered a food source within your property. Cleaning the area carefully is the best way to immediately prevent further intrusion. Remove all food remnants, seal all food packaging, and place products away in storage spaces to make your property less attractive to the colony.

Sprinkle deterrents

If you’re continually encountering ant issues within your home, you might want to try sprinkling deterrents around the property to keep the ants away. Natural products such as peppermint and garlic can deter ants from moving forward in your home. Sprinkle them throughout the kitchen space, on counters and in storage areas to prevent intrusion.

Use Splenda on ant trails

The natural sugar substitute Splenda is now being used to help remove ants from homes across the country. Sprinkling Splenda on the trails of ants in your home can help to kill them in a short space of time. A great advantage of Splenda over other products is that it’s pet-safe, so it won’t impact your family’s cat or dog when you use it throughout the home.

Use coffee grounds on ant hills

The scent from coffee grounds can be used to confuse the worker ants and make them lose their scent. By using safe coffee grounds on ant hills, you can disturb the colony and ensure they don’t find their way into your home.

Call trusted ant removal experts

If you’ve tried various pest removal and wildlife control techniques with little success, you might consider working with local ant removal experts to resolve the issue. Teams such as our experts at North Star Pest Control can offer guidance for a swift removal process!

Our qualified pest control and wildlife removal technicians are available around the clock to offer clear guidance on the ant removal process! To discover more on our work or to begin a project directly, contact us today, 416-540-2694 or by filling out our quick contact online form below.

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