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By making your way straight into the pest control and wildlife management technician team at Richmond Hill Pest Control, you will be able to give your property and loved ones proper security and protection against pest diseases.  Our professional team of experts is having long years of experience when it comes to effectively removing the pests out of your residential or commercial areas.  With our so long years of experience, we are quick in responding to all our customer’s major requirements in control pest on an immediate basis.

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When it comes to managing and controlling pest and their removal, it is much needed to know its impact on your home or commercial property. Right here we have explained few of the basic pest control problems in Richmond Hill which both homeowners and business professionals face regularly:


No matter whether you are rats in your house or the mice, they are both included in the rodent category to spread certain health diseases and germs in your home areas. One of the biggest issues which most of the homeowners complain about is facing mice emergence who is chewing their ductwork and electrical wires all the time. This will need the home wire system to get re-installed all over again which can be a lot costly. Mice or rats can even make certain loud noises during the night time which can cause a huge disturbance while sleeping. But our team of experts will help you to get reliable services of pest control with which you can easily tackle rodent control problems. We will let you know about all those techniques and strategies which we employ for permanently controlling rodents. Contact us now!


We have been offering comprehensive strategies for controlling and removing bed bug infestation from your home or office areas. While facing an infestation, one of the biggest problems might happen when the speed of manifestation growth is incredibly fast. In case if the issue is not tackled at the right time, the bed bug can overrun into your whole house in just a few weeks. Therefore, it is important to get in touch with us right now and pick our reliable services of bed bug control at affordable prices. We have a team of professional technicians for you to tackle with bedbug problems in your home without any hassle.


No matter whether it is your home garden or the home street, the problem of facing raccoons is quite a lot common and a big threat for homeowners. They are not at all dangerous for you until and unless they have not stepped into your home or garage areas. They can chew all your wood furniture and can damage your framing. These creatures can carry a certain disease known as rabies which can be a lot deadly for humans. So if you experience any sort of raccoons in or around your home, then we are right here available for you to give you the best of the services according to your requirements. Get in touch with us right now!


Birds can easily make their way inside your private homes no matter whether they are smaller in species like sparrows or the larger ones. If the bird is injured and still they are staying back at your home then this can bring certain health issues for your family members. Injured birds are always looking for warm places and for that sake for them, your private home is the best place. If you notice a single injured bird indoor or outdoor of your home places, contact us straight away. Do not show any sort of negligence against your home security or family members. Your single negligence can bring harmful results. Our team is available 24/7 for you!


If you are having any sort of problem with the termites inside your home or office property, you should be instantly consulting with a professional and reliable provider of pest control. Termites can bring certain health issues with them which can be a lot harmful to your family members or the people around the termites. It can even damage your entire home structure as well. Our professional team of pest control is always available for you to provide you the best services of insect control for your home or office places. We will let you know about all those techniques and strategies which we employ for permanently controlling insects.

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Our expert team at North Star Pest Control is ready to ensure your home is protected over the long-term. We can respond quickly and adeptly to all pest control challenges.

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Why you should trust us while hiring Bees and Wasps Removal , Pest Control in Richmond Hill ?

Quick Customer Respond Time

We are extremely quick when it comes to responding to our customer complaints regarding pest control.  We will reach back at your destination as soon as you will get in touch with us regarding pest control problems.  We have an expert team of professionals who will make their way straight to your home to tackle the pest control immediately. You don’t have to wait for us for a long time.

Long Years of Experience in Pest Control Service in Richmond Hill 

We are completely having long years of experience relates to pest control services.  We do have a vast knowledge in which we can identify the pest species based on their nest and behavior.  Hence we can simply mitigate the upcoming danger in your home and give your property high protection against all threats of pest control.

Expert Communication

The reason why most of the owners do not choose professional pest control services is merely that they do not explain to them all those pest control techniques which they are employing.  As regards our expert services have been concerned, we make sure that we fully explain the whole pest control process to the customers before starting it in their home or office places.  We make sure that the customer is 100% aware of every single step which we take in their home areas through their consent.

North Star Pest Control is the leader for outstanding pest control and wildlife removal/management in the Markham and surrounding areas. To learn more, or to book a consultation in your home, call us today, 416-540-2694 or simply fill out our online quick contact form below.

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