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Everything You Should Know About Skunks!

Everything You Should Know About Skunks!

If a lawn has an unpleasant smell, then definitely, there present any skunk that has come to your lawn. Now, it’s a time to get rid of this smell. Here, we are going to discuss some skunk identification and removal tips that would obviously help you clean your lawn from these unwanted species.

What Are Skunks?

These hazardous species are actually nocturnal animals that are noon-aggressive, mild-mannered, and preferred to eat small animals and insects. They don’t eat garden but plants such as corn close to ground may be inviting for them.

How And Why Skunks Spray?

Spray of an angry skunk can be smelled over a mile. Presence of skunk in your lawn will become more hassle for. Whenever you find it in your lawn, immediately acquire skunk removal and control services to make them out from your lawn at any cost. Moreover, a skunk can spread its spray from almost 10-12 feet. This is the major concern for the gardeners regarding skunk.

How Identify Them In Lawn?

A striped skunk (a common type of skunk found in lawn) has white strips down towards its back with black furs on the whole body. It is somehow equal to cat size. Whereas, the spotted skunk is smaller than stripped skunk having white spots on the whole body. It has short legs with large feet and well-developed claws for smooth digging.

Now, come towards our main aspects, skunk identification. Its odor is the best way to identify skunks. It is obvious that without any professional guidance, you can’t deal with skunk spray effectively. For this, it is recommended to acquire most proficient pest control services as North Star Pest Control.

What Damage Will Skunk Make In Your Lawn?

Having a flower bed with a lot of holes in it, then there definitely present a skunk problem in your lawn. It’s skunk’s habit to dig up lawn. At night, they are most active and will dig up to 3-4 inch deep holes. Spring is an efficient season for them to accomplish this motive. Of course, there is nothing worse and common damage by a skunk than its spray.

Skunk Control and Prevention

A mixture of dishwashing detergent (diluted in water) and castor oil is better to spray. This will make skunks go out of your lawn. It is better to spray this mixture at night time. This will obviously an enchanting approach to diminish skunks from your property.

Light is also a skunk repellent. Because these are nocturnal with very light sensitive eyes. Applying bright light is an enormous technique to remove skunks from your lawn. Bright light will make them scary.

Another fruity option is present to remove this hassle from your lawn. These pests dislike citrus fruits smell. Did you know that before? If no, then take advantage of this solution. Placing of lemon peels in your lawn will make them go away from there. Orange can also be used!

Here, also present another tip but you probably dislike to use it. Dogs’ urine is also a skunk repellent. It is commercially available in several garden centers. However, some state and federal regulations are applied to brands that provide this sort of skunk repellent.

Now, what if nothing works!

Yes, this is a question you should think about. It has a clear answer, acquire the professionals’ services to trap them and transport far from your property.


Prevention is the best way to get rid of every kind of pests from your lawn, home, schools, etc. Spraying of useful nematodes is an emerging one to use in your lawn. This not only removes skunk but also other pests such as Japanese beetle larva.

Sealing your shed and deck is another prominent technique to restrict skunks entrance. Chicken wire is better to use for this purpose. It is recommended to leave one-foot additional wire at least. It will prevent your area from skunks’ dig to enter there.

Beware of this pest and don’t let it spray over you. When skunk feels danger, it sprays over its enemy. Be safe and whenever you see a skunk or predict its presence, let professionals do their job.

Why North Star Pest Control?

North Star Pest control is a deliberate team of pest control experts. We work to deliver our best to make clients satisfied with phenomenal services with guaranteed pest removal from any property. It also delivers pest control services in Vaughan. With this expertise with phenomenal clients’ satisfaction, North Star is an enchanting place to acquire pest removal services that are also available in Brampton, Milton, Caledon, Etobicoke, and Mississauga.

Skunk, rodents, bedbugs, birds, and insects hence all sort of pests that can disturb you are removed and perfectly controlled by North Star Pest Control experts economically and conveniently.

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