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Groundhogs Removal

Groundhogs are huge rodents found throughout North America. Many do not think of groundhogs as pests that is until one takes up house in their yard! Just then do most people come to know the really negative power of the groundhog. Though they can live in city or rural areas, they are more likely to be found in areas where there is many open ground or adjacent farm land. They are one of Michigan’s most familiar animal pests.

Efficient Control and Prevention Services

For recurring issues, it is sometimes essential to install rat walls and other barriers for permanent elimination from certain spots. Even after removing the target groundhog, it often happens that certain structures will repeatedly attract more groundhogs from nearby areas. Like other rodents, groundhogs leave pheromone trails behind, which even after their removal can attract other groundhogs to the part.

North Star Pest Control’s technicians have the knowledge and experience to efficiently bait, trap and exclude groundhogs. Call 416-540-2694 today to schedule an appointment or with any other questions about solutions to groundhog issues.

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