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Mice Control and Removal

Rodents are a problem in urban and rural centres across Canada, and Brampton and surrounding area are no different. These little rodents might seem innocent, but they are able to quickly infest a home or building causing structural damage and health problems.

Safe and Humane Mice Control and Removal in Brampton and Surrounding Areas

The team of professionals at North Star Pest Control offer efficient and effective mice control and removal services.

How do Mice Infest homes and buildings so quickly?

There are a few reasons that mice are such quick and effective infesters of homes and buildings.

  1. Although territorial, mice will live in groups. This means if you see one mouse, there are likely many more.
  2. Mice breed very quickly. In the communal living group, they are also able to breed incredibly fast. Female mice have litters of six to nine babies born just twenty days after mating. And those babies grow into full-fledged destructive adults quickly – within six weeks. With an average of seven to eleven litters a year and lifespan of four to five years, that’s a lot of mice!
  3. Mice are very adept movers. Mice can squeeze their tiny bodies into almost any space as small as ½ inch. They are also excellent climbers and jumpers making it almost impossible to keep them out of houses and buildings.
  4. Mice are nocturnal. Because they are active at night, it is difficult to be able to spot them. They also have amazing hearing and vision making them quick to disappear if they hear or see you approaching.

Why are Mice such a Problem to homes and buildings?

Once mice access your home, they are generally looking for food and a warm place to build a nest and continue to reproduce. Home and building owners that do happen to see a mouse usually find them in food cupboards, in between walls or in the attic.

Mice have astounding abilities to cause damage to both the structural and decorative components of a home or building. Mice will chew on almost anything and because they live communally and are constantly reproducing, they will chew on anything they find useful for nest building. Wood, paper, cloth, clothing, books – mice will chew on absolutely anything. And mice will also chew open furniture and boxes to create a snug area to build their nest. Mice will also burrow into installation inside walls and use the material to build their nests.

How are Mice Harmful to Humans?

As the mice are wandering around your home or building at night chewing materials, burrowing into the walls and building their nests, they are also helping themselves to food and water, leaving behind urine and feces in food, on food surfaces and in your cupboards. Mice feces can contain bacteria, parasites and can cause lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LMC) a very dangerous and serious disease in humans.

How do I know if I have mice in my home or building?

Because mice are nocturnal and have excellent hearing and vision you may not be able to actually see a mouse in your home or building. You can usually find mice excrement that looks like small black granules and you will often find them around food that has been eaten or materials that have been chewed. Sometimes you can hear mice especially at night.

DIY Removal

Most people have some experience with mouse traps. Although these may be effective for small populations of mice, you never know when or if you’ve trapped all the mice.

Mousetraps can also be cumbersome placed around the house and you still have to dispose of the dead mice once you’ve caught them. Baiting the traps can also be both annoying and sometimes downright painful.

Rather than trying to eradicate a mouse population yourself, depend on the services of North Pest Removal and give yourself peace of mind. Once North Star Pest Control have visited your home and removed the mice, you can rest assured the entire population is gone. North Star Pest Control can also work with you to prevent future infestations.

North Star Pest Control Offers Mice Control and Removal in Brampton and Surrounding Area

If you’ve seen a mouse, mouse dropping or heard gnawing and chewing at night, call North Star Pest Control. The North Star Pest Control technicians have years of experience providing effective removal and control solutions to people living with mice. North Star Pest Removal will visit with you and identify the extent of the mice infestation, outline removal and explain control and prevention methods with you. Don’t try waste time baiting traps, placing traps and trying to dispose of trapped mice bodies, rely on North Star Pest Control for the very best removal and control services.

Contact North Star Pest Control 416 540-2694 for the most professional mice control and removal services in Brampton and surrounding areas! Same day and emergency 24 hour services available.

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