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Because they are cunning, pests can find hidden entrances like gaping holes in walls and open windows to get into your house or place of business. Many of us attempt to use insect sprays to eradicate pests on our own. Sprays only eliminate pests that are present in your house or place of business; they do not, therefore, provide a long-term remedy. Common issues, including bed bug removal, mouse control, and rodent extermination, are handled by North Star Pest Control. In addition, we offer specialized services, including ant and bird treatment. We take pride in providing the best solution in the shortest amount of time and have years of experience in technical pest control Etobicoke.

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We at North Star Pest Control provide both commercial and residential buildings with a range of pest control services. Customers’ specific demands can be catered to by customizing these services. To get rid of all kinds of pests, including cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, and others, our experts combine chemical and non-chemical treatments. We are dedicated to safeguarding your family and property while eliminating pests with industry-recognized techniques.

We will give you a plan outlining the number of visits and associated costs, along with an explanation of how we can address the issue. Our goal is to provide the highest caliber cockroach control Etobicoke services at costs that you may afford.


Both companies and homeowners detest bed bugs as pests. The idea of these unwanted pests taking over your house can be frightening for homeowners, and in today's quick-paced online environment, the consequences can be disastrous for businesses. Never attempt to treat a bed bug infestation on your own. A thorough grasp of the biology and behavior of bed bugs is necessary for proper bed bug control Etobicoke, and only our certified team has access to the most powerful poisons.


Finding rodents in any structure, be it a five-star restaurant or your kitchen, is alarming. Any residence or place of business may get infested with rodents, while infestations are generally more common in areas with older structures and subpar hygiene. North Star Pest Control specialist will find possible signs of a forthcoming rodent problem, like rat droppings, gnawing detritus, and damage to delicate items. We give rodent control Etobicoke and preventative methods for your peace of mind after evaluating your rodent infestation.


We are aware of the difficulties and complexities posed by raccoon infestations. Even though they're frequently thought of as adorable and curious animals, raccoon invasions of homes and properties can cause major problems. Our raccoon control Etobicoke services include safe entry point sealing and area cleanup following an infestation. Since no two situations are the same, we customize our approach and base it on a thorough evaluation of your property.


Birds can damage your business, reputation, and image. It doesn't end with the ugly mess they leave behind. Feathers and droppings have the potential to spread more than 60 diseases and deteriorate air quality, endangering people's health and safety. Our bird control Etobicoke solutions are made to target the bird species in question specifically, safeguarding other animals and non-target species in the process. We offer a health and safety benefit that protects individuals within and surrounding premises.


If you notice a few ants in your home, it can be a sign of a bigger issue. Whether your home or place of business is infested with fire, carpenter, or common house ants, our skilled professionals will offer the best ants control Etobicoke options available. Before suggesting any ant treatment options, our pest control specialists will need to know the details of your particular situation. The type of ants present, as well as the extent and location of the infestation, will all influence our insects control Etobicoke procedure.

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Our expert team at North Star Pest Control is ready to ensure your home is protected over the long-term. We can respond quickly and adeptly to all pest control challenges.

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We don’t compromise on quality

At North Star Pest Control, we offer reasonably priced pest control protection services without sacrificing quality. Being a small, local company, we can control our expenses, so you can get the professional knowledge you need at a reasonable price together with the kind, personable mice control Etobicoke service that only a local company can offer.

Tailored solutions

Since no two pest infestations are alike, we develop treatment plans that are specifically tailored to each client’s needs and circumstances. First, our professionals perform a complimentary comprehensive assessment of the property. We develop and implement the best rat control Etobicoke strategy based on this study and the severity of any infestations discovered.

Our top priority is your safety

Before beginning with bees and wasp control Etobicoke, we conduct a risk assessment at each property and go over any concerns with you. To ensure that we select a safe and effective treatment, we evaluate any health concerns (such as asthma), the presence of children and pets, and any environmental considerations (such as ponds and streams).

Quick response time and flexible appointment times

Our dedication to offering top-notch customer care is the key to our success in serving this region. Being a locally run company, we take pride in our standing in the neighborhood. Our customers keep coming back to us for a variety of reasons, including our quick response time and flexible appointment schedules.

Knowledgeable team of technicians

The staff at North Star Pest Control consists of highly skilled professionals with a wealth of industry knowledge. It’s likely that we have successfully handled whatever insect issue you may be dealing with right now. We provide the most effective and efficient pest control Etobicoke services available because our staff consistently stays current on the newest methods.

Results that are permanent and to one’s satisfaction

Rather than removing pests for a limited period of time. Our team eliminates pets in a permanent manner and ensures that your home is free of pest presence. All of the good feedback that our clients have provided regarding our pest control services can be traced back to the effective outcomes that we have achieved.

In Etobicoke and the surrounding areas, North Star Pest Control is the industry leader in exceptional pest control and animal removal/management. Call us at 416-540-2694 to schedule a consultation in your house. Just complete the short online form below to find out more.

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