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Snake Removal and Control Services

At North Star Pest Control we give secure, caring, reliable, and efficient snake removal, trapping, control, and exclusion. If you have a snake or a family of snakes living on your land or in your basement, we can give the snake removal and control service and keep them out in the future. There is no snake issue that we can’t manage. Snakes are brilliant climbers and will assess construction gaps on your home to gain access into your attic and basement. If a litter of snakes is successfully raised on your property, they will return year after year to birth their young.

Efficient Control and Prevention Services

There are roughly 120 species of snakes in North America, 17 of which are venomous. Snakes live in a range of habitats – some on land, and some in water. All snakes are carnivorous and will feed on a range of prey, which they swallow whole. Snakes will eat animals that are not greater than 3 times the girth or the thickest part of their body. Snakes can show helpful in reducing rodent populations.
If you have a snake inside your home, it must be physically removed.

We give a 24-hour emergency snake removal and control service in CA. We can get rid of the snake by hand or set traps to catch the snake if it’s gone by the time we arrive. But removing the snake is not enough. We must also find out how the snake got into the house and seal any entry points. Snakes can climb, swim, and crawl so it’s vital to seal the whole house.

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