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We Bring For Your Excellent Residential & Commercial Vaughan Pest Control Services

Our company is offering some proactive solutions to completely prevent the termite infestations by employing some most effective termite techniques and products.  We are available for you with excellent and relentless termite protection 24/7 with 100% full guarantee.

Never wait for an Infestation- It’s Time to Prevent One!

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For the last so many years, our company has been providing comprehensive public health as well as structural Vaughan pest control services which are meant for your commercial, residential or industrial level i.e. both private and public sectors. We work under a complete professional team of pest control experts who are qualified and experienced in their job. Equipped with 100% latest technologies, our all operations are fully supervised by the terminologists as well as entomologist.


We bring for you excellent Raccoons & ant removal in Vaughan services with 100% guarantee under the assistance of our professional team against a bed bug control. Bed bugs are always accountable to increase the bed bug infestation growth which can directly ruin the whole beauty of your wooden furniture and walls. So to better control the bed bug infestation the best way would be to get in touch with our pest control services.

Our cockroach control Vaughan team is extremely talented and professional in the bed bug control where we make sure that we are responding to all your queries on quick terms before it gets too late. We treat and serve both residential and commercial properties.


Almost all the households are curious about getting rid of rodents or mice out of their homes or even from the garden areas. There are no hard and fast rules which you need to imply when it comes to the removal of mice or rates out of your home. You just need to maintain a proper clean environment and have your home to be completely free from filthiness.

But still if you are not successful in it, then getting in touch with rat and mouse exterminator near me center is the best option for you. Rats can chew your ductwork and they can even damage your entire electrical wiring system. Keeping this fact in mind, it is better to control the damage before it gets out of hand. We are right here available for you to provide you some extra services of rodent control under our professional team. Get in touch with us right now to learn more about us!


Every single household is on the threat where they might face an issue of raccoons as soon as the monsoon season starts off. But raccoons are not just about the monsoon season! They can be welcomed in your house in any season and at any time. In case you neglect it a bit for preventing its growth, you will be putting your house at a risk on your own.

Raccoons are fond of chewing wooden material so probably they can firstly attack on your house furniture. Raccoons are also famously known as rabies which is similar to cats or small puppies. Our team is extremely talented and professional in the raccoon’s control where we make sure that we are responding to all your queries on quick terms before it gets too late. Our low prices will never harm the quality of pest control work which we are delivering to you. Our 24 hour pest control Vaughan services is fully dedicated.


Injured birds are found in different homes where they most probably nestled their homes in the outdoor garden areas. It is important to get rid of all those birds because their constant noises can disturb you during your sleep. They are not just disturbing for your daily routine, but they even cause a harmful effect for your health too. We have a professional and reliable team by your side where we are offering superior services of the pest control and mice removal services Vaughan. Our pest removal Toronto team of experts will use specific strategies for the quick removal of birds out of your space.


To have your home completely free from the insects and small bees, we bring for you wildlife control and removal Vaughan services in a complete professional manner. They not just give your house an unclean look but at the same time they can bite you to cause certain allergies and harms. Our team is extremely talented and professional in the insect control where we make sure that we are responding to all your queries on quick terms. You can peep into our excellent services of pest control where our insect control team is highly qualified and professional to provide you better and successful results.

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Our expert team at North Star Pest Control is ready to ensure your home is protected over the long-term. We can respond quickly and adeptly to all pest control challenges.

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Why you should Choose Us?

  • Quick Pest Removal

Through the help of professional and qualified professional rat removal expert team, we use excellent and protective pest control products for a permanent pest control removal.  We will help you to get rid of pests very quickly.

  • One-Time Extermination

If you are in a search for a long-term and effective method of pest control requirements, don’t forget to get in touch with our One-Time Extermination services.

  • Licensed & 100% Protected

All of our used Groundhog pest control services and pest control products are available with 100% warranties and full-fledge guarantees. None of our expert is working illegally without the certification.

  • Eco Friendly Latest Technologies

We just make the use of eco and environment friendly pest control and wasp removal Vaughan products so it won’t bring any sort of harmful effect on your health and environment.  Our latest pest control technologies are fully approved and medically certified.

  • Affordable Prices

Our pest control Vaughan prices is extremely low and you can easily afford all our pest control services without any hassle.  If you are visiting us to take our services, then keep your mind free from the stress of prices or pest control rates. Our low prices will never harm the quality of pest control work which we are delivering to you .

North Star Pest Control is the leader for outstanding pest control and wildlife removal/management in the Markham and surrounding areas. To learn more, or to book a consultation in your home, call us today, 416-540-2694 or simply fill out our online quick contact form below.

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