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Having long years of industry experience in pest control, our company feels prides in providing the right services to the customers against the pest control Toronto and permanent removal.  Our whole professional team is having varied experience in terms of controlling and locating all types of pests such as termites, rodents, insects or mice.We are making some plans where we are putting some efforts to expand our service locations so we can serve more customers on our name.  We are striving hard where we are offering best of the services at a high-quality medium


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We are offering full range of rat and mouse exterminator near me services, in which we have pest extermination, or pest removal, as well as pest management plus pest maintenance. Whether ants, or spiders, and moles, mice, rats, or squirrels, termites, and cockroaches, or other rodents or vermin, our highly-professional team of pest control services will help you straight away!

We are aiming to be the leader in the pest control and extermination services by providing excellent quality of 24 hour pest control Toronto services at reasonable prices.  We will be using old school principals in a complete environmentally responsible way. It is just our hard work and dedication which has allowed us to make our own special place in the hearts of our customers.


We are offering 100% guaranteed Raccoons & ant removal in Toronto services against the control and removal planning of bed bug problems. Well we all know that the real problem in the bed bug control starts to take place when you completely ignore the growth of bed bug infestation. The moment when you realize the bed bug happening in your home corners, you should start away get in touch with us to control it. Bedbug is one such aspect which needs to be controlled with great care and professional techniques. Our professional rat removal team is extremely talented and professional in the bed bug control where we make sure that we are responding to all your queries on quick terms before it gets too late. We treat and serve both residential and commercial properties.


Are you disturbed with the constant crawling of the rats or mice in your home kitchen? Well having mice or rates in your home not just look filthy but at the same time they let your house to be welcomed with so many health issues as well. They can be extremely destructive for your house property. They can chew your ductwork and electrical wires which can destroy the whole system of your electricity. Hence this can double up your cost of repairing. So it is extremely important to better get rid of the rodents as early as possible. We are right here available for you to provide you some extra services of rodent control under our professional team. Get in touch with us right now to learn more about us!


No matter whether it is indoor or the outdoor areas of your house, your residence will always have the threat of facing the raccoons all the time. Your little negligence will push them more to increase their population in just few hours which might be intricate for you to control easily. They can damage your house wood or can even chew the framing. Rabies is the second name you can use it for them. Our cockroach control Toronto team is extremely talented and professional in the raccoon’s control where we make sure that we are responding to all your queries on quick terms before it gets too late. Our cockroach services Toronto technicians are fully dedicated.


Injured birds are always fond of interfering in your private space of homes. And they might disturb you during your sleeping with their noises. So it is important to deal with this whole scenario so you can protect your home and health against any sort of hassle. We are working as a reliable and professional platform where we have different services of pest control under which we deliver excellent services of birds control as well. Our wildlife control and removal Toronto team of experts will use specific strategies for the quick removal of birds out of your space.


If you are having any big issues with the excessive insects staying in your house, then it is important to get into an immediate consultation right away through the help of professional Toronto pest control services provider. Termites or insects are not just damaging your house but their single bite can be a lot unhealthy for you as well. They normally attack the house which are not properly cleaned and are always filthy.

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Our expert team at North Star Pest Control is ready to ensure your home is protected over the long-term. We can respond quickly and adeptly to all pest control challenges.

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Major Reasons to Choose Us

Highly-Experienced Professionals

We are working as experienced and fully trained professionals for controlling pest out of your home or commercial places.  Our mice removal services Toronto technicians are fully dedicated to eliminate all sorts of pest.

Excellent Quality Materials

The chemicals as well as Pesticides which our team use for controlling the harmful pest or insects are 100% harmless or your health and home environment! They are Eco-friendly. Get in touch with us right now to learn more about us!

Premium Quality of Equipment

We will make the use of latest set of spray equipment to hence eliminate pest or insects out of your home. All the equipment which we are using for the pest control is yet in accordance with the latest standards. Are you ready to hire us?

Helpful Customer Staff

We have fully trained staff who is 100% dedicated and passionate towards their work. Our groundhog pest control team experts do know how to do their job rightly and under precautionary measures.

Positive Reviews

You can give a look at our positive reviews which will let you know about our happy clients who have already used our wasp removal Toronto services. These all positive reviews are hence the evidence of our incredible services.

100% Guaranteed Services

We fully understand the basic needs of our clients and hence ensure that you get the best and exceptional pest control services at a budget-friendly prices.

North Star Pest Control is the leader for outstanding pest control and wildlife removal/management in the Markham and surrounding areas. To learn more, or to book a consultation in your home, call us today, 416-540-2694 or simply fill out our online quick contact form below.

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