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When you require comprehensive, expert pest control services, you can turn to our team at North Star Pest Control in Brampton and the surrounding areas for a leading class solution to your challenges. Homeowners turn to our team because we’re able to respond at a moment’s notice to a pest issue. We’ve also worked within the local community for several decades, providing our services to local property owners who require safe, environmentally-friendly pest removal at an affordable price. Our services are designed for all types of building and in response to a full range of pest control and wildlife removal/management requirements.


Turn to North Star Pest Control for:

Answers to your questions

We’ll answer pest control questions and make sure you have the information you need to make effective decisions concerning your family and home’s safety. Whether the problem is a racoon within your home or a termite issue, our team can provide a swift and effective answer to guide you on the next steps to take.

Emergency services

We operate emergency services in Brampton and the surrounding areas. This means that you can contact one of our team members around the clock and we can respond on short notice to all challenges. We operate a full fleet of pest removal vehicles, each of which is equipped with the latest tools to help our pest control team manage the wildlife removal issue and response with precision.

Our trained team

The North Star Pest Control team is among the most qualified within the local marketplace to respond to pest control issues. Our team works around the clock to build on their understanding of pest behaviour and local challenges, and we’re always available to help property owners take a proactive stance against the latest pests. We update our training on a regular basis to ensure we can implement the latest pest removal techniques and tools.

Our comprehensive service selection

When choosing a pest control and wildlife removal company, it’s important that the organization you select has experience in responding to a broad range of pest issues. Our dedicated professionals at North Star Pest Control have a clear understanding on a range of pest control challenges. From removing bed bugs from the home to ensuring the effective removal of skunks and raccoons, we can offer a full suite of services.


How to Respond to Pest Control Issues In Your Home

If you are visiting us here at North Star Pest Control in Brampton, you’re likely experiencing some form of pest control challenge within your property. And so to give you a basic understanding how to manage your pest issue before we enter the property, we’re offering the following expert tips:

Call a pest control company immediately

We know that it can sometimes be more satisfying to try to take care of a problem alone. But this is not the best way to handle a pest issue. Larger pests such as racoons and rodents can cause deadly diseases with their bite, and should be handled with care. Even smaller creatures can have a significant impact on the home. Tiny creatures such as termites and bed bugs can prevent home comfort and cause significant structural issues. It’s important to call our pest control team quickly if you encounter any of these challenges!

Remove animals and children from the home

The first and most important step in ensuring home safety is to remove your pets and children from the home in the event of a pest issue. Make sure the area in which the pest has been found is vacated and call your local pest control and wildlife removal company for further guidance. Make sure that your pets are safely kept away from the impacted area of the property until the technician arrives.

Maintain vigilance after the pest removal process

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is that they relax thinking that the pest problem has been resolved in the long-term after the pest has been removed from the home. But sometimes the problem can return as animals and their babies return to the home in the following years. Make sure that you review the signs of a pest control issue and call our qualified and experienced team at North Star Pest Control if you have any questions or concerns.

Through our experience within the Brampton pest control and wildlife removal and management, North Star Pest Control can help you to achieve a safe and comfortable home environment free from pests using the most humane techniques.  It’s important to call as soon you spot a pest issue! Our pest control technicians are available 24 hours a day to guide you!

To begin the pest control process or speak with a trusted wildlife removal and pest control technician, call us today, 416-540-2694 or contact us using our online quick contact form.