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Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are becoming an ever more common threat to the average Canadian home. These small creatures can have a lasting impact on your property, but you cannot remove them without expert help. Our pest control and wildlife removal team has decades of experience in both identifying and resolving bed bug issues, and we’re now presenting a full range of bed bug control services throughout the region.

Turn to North Star Pest Control for:

Dedicated experience

Our dedicated team has a clear understanding on the challenges involved in the bed bug control and removal process. We have completed hundreds of projects in the past and our work ensures that local homes are safe and protected against the leading pest issues. Our experience in this area also means we can answer questions on pest control and wildlife removal with precision. We can help to ensure that you’re taking the right steps at each stage of the removal process.

Bed bug experts

Because we’re bed bug experts, we know how they are likely to behave in each scenario. We know the hiding spots they choose within the home and the actions they will take in response to the beginning of the control process. Our expertise in this area means we’re able to counteract bed bug issues with precise solutions designed to control insect populations and minimize their impact on the family home.

Speedy responses

The moment you discover a bed bug issue within your home, you need immediate access to qualified professionals. We operate a large fleet of vehicles within our team and can provide an ultra-fast emergency response to each of your bed bug challenges. The moment you call our team at North Star Pest Control, a specialist will be dispatched to your property with the latest tools for removing bed bugs. This ensures the best chances of effective removal over the long-term.

Proven results

In each of our past projects, we’ve been able to achieve outstanding results within our bed bug removal work. We’re able to remove bed bugs and the eggs bed bugs lay from the family home to help our clients recover effectively from the infestation. We’re also adept at working with hotels and commercial clients to help address bed bug control challenges. It’s a multi-layered suite of experience that ensures we achieve leading-class results in each area of our removal work!


How to Identify a Bed Bug Issue in Your Home

While it can sometimes be difficult to identify a bed bug problem without professional assistance, there are signs that you can search for that are a clear indicator of a bed bug problem. Call our trusted bed bug control team if you identify one or more of the following within your home:

Look for blood spots on the mattress

Oftentimes, one of the first indicators of a bed bug issue is blood spots on the mattress. You may find that there are rust coloured stains on the mattress where the insect has impacted the area. This is a clear sign that there are more bed bugs in and around your home.

Check skin for bite marks

A secondary way to check for bed bugs in and around your home is to check for bite marks on the skin. You or your children may be bitten by bed bugs if they have found their way into your mattress or on your clothes. The bed bug bite is likely to appear as a series of dots on the skin. If the dots begin to itch after several days, this is a clear sign they are bed bug bites. The itching and swelling can last as long as nine days.

Watch for a musty odour

If you have bed bugs in your home, particularly in smaller spaces such as a bedroom or attic space, you may find that the area has a musty smell. This is a clear indicator that there is a bed bug infestation that has been ongoing for a period of time within the home. Covering up the odour with a cleaning agent will do nothing to rid your home of the bed bugs and the overall infestation.

When you encounter a bed bug infestation in your home, it’s critical you call a qualified pest control and wildlife removal team at the earliest convenience. Our team at North Star Pest Control are now available around the clock to offer our guidance and to help you to identify and resolve your bed bug issues. We offer environmentally-friendly solutions to bed bug infestations and we can be ready and at your home in a quick timeframe to respond to the problem!

Make sure your home is protected around the clock. Call our trusted and experienced team at North Star Pest Control 416 540-2694 for an expert response to your bed bug problem. Call today to begin the removal process. Emergency services available around the clock.

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