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Cockroach Removal

Although there are over 4000 species of cockroaches, the most commonly found cockroaches in Canada are the American cockroach and the German cockroach. If cockroaches are living in your home, they can be difficult to find. They are nocturnal creatures and generally only active at night. If you do happen to see the cockroaches occupying your home, they are easy to identify. Both the American and the German cockroach have a rather long, oval elongated body and pointy almost transparent wings nestled at their sides.

Cockroach Removal in Brampton and the Surrounding Areas

The American cockroach has light burgundy or tan wings while the colour of the German cockroach varies from brown to black. The American cockroach is one to two inches long and the German cockroach is smaller, about half an inch to an inch in size. If you see cockroaches in your home, call North Star Pest Control in Brampton today for effective and efficient removal services.

Preferred Environment

Cockroaches like dark, damp spaces and seek places that offer them food, shelter and water. Cockroaches like to eat starches and meats and are attracted to food in restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores where they can easily access food. But cockroaches aren’t picky and are able to eat and survive on whatever food or substances are readily available to them. For this reason, cockroaches are usually found in sewage systems, alleyways or damp basements. Cockroaches are able to transport themselves into your home or building by burrowing and travelling in TV’s, used furniture or food items such as flour and used beverage containers.

Cockroaches are able to burrow behind walls and in between the cracks of buildings and multiply rapidly. Because cockroaches are mostly active at night, they are often able to live inside building unnoticed by the occupants. This means that cockroaches are incredibly adept at infesting a home or building without the occupant’s knowledge and are able to live for up to a year, making it possible for them to continue to multiple and infest neighbouring buildings. Cockroaches rarely cause structural damage to buildings, but a major infestation and the necessary removal can create unnecessary damage to buildings. If you think you’ve brought cockroaches into your home, call North Star Pest Control in Brampton.

Relationship with Humans

Cockroaches generally do not bite humans unless there is a very large population of cockroaches living with humans and they are unable to find other food sources. When cockroaches do bite humans they generally target the fingers, eyelids and eyelashes, hands and feet. Cockroach bites can cause minor lacerations and wounds may become infected.

The real harm to humans comes from the feces cockroaches leave behind. Cockroaches are attracted to food and are able to feed at night a time when humans aren’t usually around to notice them. While they feed, they excrete their waste in the food contaminating it with parasites and bacteria, causing diseases in humans. Cockroach feces are also linked to allergic reactions in humans such as asthma and tropomyosin.

Cockroach Prevention

Maintaining a clean home free of open food and waste is necessary to keep out all insects. Dispose of food waste daily and keep food in tightly sealed containers. Since cockroaches thrive in dark damp areas and in between walls, ensure all wall spaces and cracks are repaired properly. Leaking plumbing or areas that are constantly damp should also be repaired to lessen the appeal of these areas. You can also secure a mesh or screen over cracks, gaps, vents, open pipes or drains to reduce cockroach infestations.


How to get Rid of Cockroaches in Brampton and the Surrounding Areas

If you see one cockroach – there are definitely many more!

Although you may not see a cockroach, the feces they leave behind are definitely noticeable. Smaller cockroaches like the German cockroach leave behind feces that look like ground pepper or coffee grounds while larger cockroach feces have the appearance of black cylinders. You may also find dead cockroaches or notice a strong musty odour. Both of these signs are indications of a cockroach infestation. If you see cockroach feces in your home, vacuuming and cleaning the area thoroughly will lessen any allergic reactions caused by the feces. If you see feces in food, be sure to dispose of it immediately.

The problem with do it yourself pest control options, is you never know how many more cockroaches are living in your walls or the spaces in your home! The only way to be sure you’ve rid your home of cockroaches and the dangers they pose to your home and family is to contact a pest control specialist who has experience in the elimination of cockroaches.

North Star Pest Control provides a complete range of services and offers effective options in the elimination of cockroaches. Contact us for a consultation today. We will inspect your home, identify any cockroach infestations and provide you with services and estimates to eliminate cockroaches from your home. We will also provide you with a prevention plan to follow and ensure you prevent future infestations.

Our experienced technicians at North Star Pest Control in Brampton offer customized solutions and services to meet your needs. After experiencing North Star Pest Control, you won’t want to work with anyone else! Call us today by phone, 416-540-2694 or by filling out our online quick contact form. Get rid of cockroaches and the dangers they pose to you and your family.

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