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Rat Control and Removal

In Ontario, the most common rat is the Norway or Brown rat. Excluding the tail, the body of an adult Brown rat is usually about 21 – 26 cm long. The tail of a Brown rat is usually close to the same length of the body. The Brown rat is larger and more aggressive than other rats that live in urban centres.  Brown rats are not picky eaters and are often found in sewers, garbage cans and dumpsters feeding. Although Brown rats are common in urban centres, they are also able to quickly infest a home or building causing structural damage and serious health problems in humans.

Safe and Humane Rat Control and Removal in Brampton and Surrounding Areas

The team of professionals at North Star Pest Control offer a range of efficient and effective rat control and removal services. Although rodents are a problem in both urban and rural centres across Canada, the rat population in Brampton and the surrounding areas has been on the rise in recent years.

How do Rats Infest Homes and Buildings So Quickly?

There are a few reasons that rats are such quick and effective infesters of homes and buildings.

  1. Rats are very intelligent and after years of living amongst humans they are very able and very adept at surviving.
  2. Rats are very communal. Not only do they live in groups, but they share food, care for injured rats and share survival tactics. This means if you see one rat, there are many more – and they have already figured out you and your home or building.
  3. Rats breed very quickly. Female rats have litters of about seven to ten babies and have six to eight litters a year. And those babies grow into full-fledged destructive adults quickly – within three to four weeks. A pair of rats may procreate 650 more rats in a year!
  4. Rats are very adept movers. Rats can squeeze their tiny bodies into almost any space as small as ½ inch. They are also excellent climbers and jumpers making it almost impossible to keep them out of houses and buildings.
  5. Rats are normally nocturnal. But after years of living in urban centres and amongst humans, they have become comfortable hunting and eating in the daylight. If you have an infestation, you may able to see rats during the day.
  6. Rats have amazing hearing and vision making them quick to disappear if they hear or see you approaching.

Why are Rats Such a Problem to Homes and Buildings?

Once rats access your home, they are generally looking for food and a warm place to build a nest and continue to reproduce. Home and building owners that do happen to see a rat usually find them in food cupboards, in between walls or in the attic.

Rats will chew on almost anything and because they live communally and are constantly reproducing, they will chew on anything they find useful for nest building. Wood, paper, cloth, clothing, books – rats will chew on absolutely anything. Rats will also chew on electrical wiring causing damage and fire hazards.

How are Rats Harmful to Humans?

Because rats will bite and scratch humans, they are a serious threat to humans. Most people know that the bubonic plague was carried by rats. The plague and its variants was transmitted through bites from the fleas carried by the rats. Although there has not been a rat-associated urban plague outbreak in North America since 1925, scientists continue to study fleas from rats and monitor the carrying of the disease.

In addition to the plague, rat bites and rat scratches can cause rat-fever.

As rats wandering around your home or building they are also leaving behind urine and feces in food, on food surfaces and in your cupboards. Rats feces can contain bacteria, parasites and can cause lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LMC) a very dangerous and serious disease in humans. Rat urine can cause leptospirosis, a serious disease in humans. Rats can also transmit Colorado Tick Fever and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis.

How Do I Know if I Have Rats in My Home or Building?

Rats leave trials of dirt, grease, urine, feces and garbage. Rats also create and leave rat holes. If you have rats you are sure to have rat holes. You will usually find rat holes in closets, in the attic, outside or between floorboard and walls. You can usually find rat excrement that looks like small black granules and you will often find them around food that has been eaten or materials that have been chewed. If you see the signs of a rat infestations, contact North Star Pest Control in Brampton immediately.

North Star Pest Control Offers Rats Control and Removal in Brampton and Surrounding Area

If you’ve seen a rat, rat holes or a dead rat, call North Star Pest Control. Our technicians have years of experience providing effective removal and control solutions to people with rat infestations. North Star Pest Control will visit with you and identify the extent of the rat infestation, outline removal and explain control and prevention methods with you. Rats are incredibly destructive and a real risk to your health.

Don’t try waste time baiting traps, placing traps and trying to dispose of trapped rat bodies, rely on North Star Pest Control in Brampton for the very best removal and control services.

Contact us today 416 540-2694 for the most professional rat control and removal services in Brampton and surrounding areas! We are available 24 hours a day.

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