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Is Your Property Too Inviting For Flying Termites? What to Look For?

Is Your Property Too Inviting For Flying Termites? What to Look For?

Termites are one of the crucial pests that will spoil your property. In regards, most of the commercial and residential properties are worried about it. If you haven’t encountered any issue related to pests, you should have to consult pest control and removal professionals immediately.

What about flying termites? Yes, termites can also come with wings that would be more crucial to remove from the property especially houses made of woods. Are you in such an area where the possibility of these pests is more? Don’t get worried about it! Here, we are going to provide you the phenomenal guide that will help you get rid of these enemies.

Let’s start our discussion!

How Do They Look?

It is the initial thing you know first. If acknowledged with their physical look, you will implement better procedures for their removal. For your convenience, we have categorized it into several features. Let’s look for these!

  1. The light gold color is their look having 6 legs or 2 slightly curved antennas
  2. One part thick body
  3. Have 4 wings. The size of these termites would be as much as 3 centimeters.

Obviously, this helps you point whether the flying pests present in your home are termites or not. They love a humid environment full of woods or the area where woods are present in numbers. The humid temperature between 25-28 degrees is favorable for them.

Keep in mind that your property needs care and protection from all pests. Be sure to diminish the pest inviting environment in your property. If you do so, you will be in benefits of having no pests!

In heavy rainfall, flying termites start breeding and start to search for the place where they can build new colonies. If you see a group of flying termites in your property, you should have to worry as these flying termites are the leader of the group which directly call about or more than 50,000 more termites there. So, don’t get it too easy and implement safety precautions. If you don’t know to handle, then frequently call pest control services to provide relief from them.

Are Flying Ants And Flying Termites Similar In Look?

They are different and require different areas to start breeding but somehow resembles each other. The bigger difference is the ant’s body which is divided into three parts but flying termites have a head and a single body. The size is also dissimilar as the flying termites are bigger in size of about 2-3 millimeters from the flying ants. The last one is their color. Flying ants have dark color but flying termites are light gold in color.

Do Flying Termites Attract Towards Light?

Yes, it is! Similar to other pests such as ants, flying termites do attract towards light. If you have a lot of light especially in the humid environment as discussed above, then guard your home to reduce their occurrence in your property. If you have a lawn in home, do protect it by switch off more light there.

As we discussed, flying termites are leading the group of other termites to search for the place they start breeding, so, don’t make them your property convenient for them.

What Can You Do For Their Removal?

Initially, you need to perform a regular inspection in such environment to predict the spot against them, if any. These regular inspections in different time interval during a year will help you acquire the professionals on time.

Furthermore, this will help you eliminate their colonies they could develop under your home’s foundations which you can’t predict other than regular inspection. Do you know that they almost 30,000 eggs a day? Yes, this most crucial to think and even more to predict as they have the capability to build colonies in only 2 weeks. Don’t take the regular inspection inconvenient.

Other Protective Measures You Should Make!

Among all the protective measures, calling for the professional pest control services is the dominant one. But, several precautions will also make these pests away from your property. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Fix plumbing issues as they are found in damp areas which are the perfect place for their nests
  2. Security screen guards are a phenomenal option to make on your doors and windows that will help them out of your property.
  3. The clutter-free environment is the one which they hate. This will not only make flying termites but others also to keep out of your property.
  4. Don’t store mulch or any other sources to avoid them building their colonies.

These precautionary actions have the power to completely make pests out of your property. So, work on it as they don’t require much time to maintain but gives the enchanting outcomes.

Why You Need North Star Pest Control?

Now, what to do when flying termites enter your facility to breed? Even when you found their colonies in your damp areas? Obviously, you need human-friendly pest control solutions but harmful for these pests which are the specialty of North Star Pest Control.

The professionals are experienced enough to eliminate the occurrence of each pest whether they are flying termites or rodents. Call them to get relief as you can’t handle to these pests conveniently on your own.

Are you in such condition? Let these professionals help to protect you, your family, and obviously your home from these enemies.

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